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Name: Charlie

Birthday (month and day): April 1st

Measurements: 36-34-36 Breast Size: Height: 5'6"

Appearances, Features, Centerfolds: Maximum, Jezebel

Turn On's: Being in a candle lit room blindfolding a woman with a sheer scarf. Pouring hot oil all over her body. Very slowly & erotically kissing her & teasing her with my tounge. Working my way down her chest, to her stomach and between her thighs. Driving her beyond crazy to the point where she is so horney, till she just can't stand it and she just has to have me.

Turn Off's: Men who think living on credit cards makes you rich. B 4 you criticize anything about me... take a look at yourself 1st.

Favorite Music: enya, enigma, melow sexy music

Q: What do you consider a great date?: One full day outside, breakfast in park, lunch in the lake, candle light dinner by the sea.

Q: What should every man need to know about a woman?: If you do not know that already you are not a real man.

Charlie's Costume Choices:

- School Girl


- Cowgirl